What is image masking

Image masking is a process to separate object, it can be done in anyways, and we just explain some way here, first erase masking, channel masking and refine masking. A Layer Mask is linked to a layer and hides part of the layer from the picture. What is painted black on the adjustment layer will not be visible in the final picture. What is grey will be more or less transparent depending on the shade of grey. As the layer mask can be both edited and moved around independently of both the background layer and the layer it applies to, it gives the user the ability to test a lot of different combinations of the overlay.

Our Image masking service

Image masking service few of our staff (about 20 people) are most experience on image masking, they can handle almost 1000 masking per day with 100% quality. if want to check please send me some image for the trail. It’s totally free.

Alpha channel masking: Alpha Masking is a convex combination of two colors allowing for transparency effects in computer graphics. The value of alpha in the color code ranges from 0.0 to 1.0, where 0.0 represents a fully transparent color, and 1.0 represents a fully opaque color.

Translucent image masking

Translucent image masking is something special in editing. For this, a transparent object is required and another one with non-transparent. Only transparent part is separated, change opacity and put over another one so that the effect below is beautifully visible by the transparent layer mask. This is a really cool one. More transparent objects could be added according to requirement but in this place, the more is not always the better. So this sort of mask is used technically to highlight an image look stunning. Over effect could be harmful.

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