If you are struggling with a competitor, whether you are a jewelry business owner or photographer, it is time to do jewelry retouching service. To show up exclusive brand, you must focus on improving the quality of jewelry photographs & making them more qualitative, eye-catching, and attractive.

By hiring a professional jewelry retouching service provider, you could build an exclusive brand identity & improve your jewelry photos quality that catche client attention & encourage client to make buying decisions quicker. There are many benefits of using jewelry retouching services to develop your brand.

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    What Is Jewelry Retouching Service?

    Jewelry retouching refers to the process of manipulation & cleaning images of jewelry items using photoshop & lightroom editing techniques. It involves correcting imperfections, adjusting colors and lighting, removing scratches or dust, and enhancing the overall appearance of jewelry photographs.

    This service is commonly used by jewelry designers, retailers, and photographers to create high-quality and visually appealing images that showcase their products in the best possible light.

    Types of Jewelry Retouching Services we offer

    High-End Jewelry Retouching

    The jewelry might have been a masterwork; however, the camera could have failed to present this in the best light. The jewelry could be privileged by this service. In this case, the graphic tablet or Pen tablet is an excellent photo-retouching app. An added step is taken over the use of Photoshop to get advanced retouching.

    Jewelry Photo Cleaning

    Clean jewelry photos look more stunning than raw images. Shoppers always prefer to see shining jewelry images. Photo cleaning can be done by removing scratches, blemishes, and dust from pictures and helping to display a clean product image.

    Jewelry Color Correction

    A color correction editing service is required to change, improve, or modify color or exposure on jewelry pictures. It is most significant for the jewelry business. By moderating this, you could dramatically upgrade your image outlook.

    Jewelry Shadow Creation

    Jewelry photography looks unappealing in raw form. To make more sales, you just require to draw the buyer’s attention to the product. By adding shadows in the pictures, you could boost your sales twice. After retouching, your ultimate photograph will look beautiful.

    Jewelry Background Remove

    Usually, during Photography, unusual background elements are captured with photos. It might divert your buyer’s attraction. Thus, you need to change the background. Moreover, you should focus on image placements that attract buyers.

    Props and Mannequin Removal

    For jewelry photoshoots, mannequins and props are used to make the jewelry straight for an ideal picture. These props are also required to capture images from every diverse angle. An editor will isolate the mannequins and props from the jewelry image to prepare that to use for any purpose. Photo Retouching India’s designers can cautiously remove those mannequins and props without ruining the jewelry photograph.

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    Why Our Jewelry Photo Retouching Service you Take

    Save Time & Money

    When you appoint a professional Jewelry photo retouching service provider, you will save your precious time & money. You could focus on some other vital things in your business and let professionals improve the quality of your jewelry photographs at very affordable prices.

    Creating Brand Value

    Jewelry retouching can also help to make a consistent and organized visual identity for a brand. By keeping a consistent style & quality across all of their images, jewelers can establish themselves as a reliable and trustworthy source of high-quality jewelry. This could build a strong brand reputation & create loyal clientele who trust the quality of the jewelry sold.

    Increase Sales

    A survey on a client’s shopping preference reveals that more than 70% of online clients’ buying decisions depend on the product’s visual appearance. Customers may refrain from buying if the product’s visual representation is not up to the mark. Thus, in either case, you are going to need premium images. This is entirely possible through jewelry photo retouching services. Consequently, whether you are an online business owner or a photographer, you should appoint a professional photo retouching service provider.

    Get High-End Clients

    One of the leading advantages of outsourcing jewelry image retouching services is that you can decide your service kind as per your client. Premium Jewelry image retouching services are meant for creating images for high-end clientele. Simple and Raw images sometimes need to be transformed into high-quality pictures to be used for big display advertisements and banners, billboards, posters, etc.

    Key Points How to Check Before Hiring Jewelry Retouching Experts

    There are a few points you must check before hiring jewelry retouching experts. These are:

    Experience & Portfolio of The Service Provider

    Check the experience, the portfolio of their clients, and some of the pictures they have produced.

    Market Reviews

    Check reviews of image editing experts offline and online, with the help of tools and websites, for example, Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, etc.

    Costs & Discounts

    Look for tailored packages, discounts, and go for image retouching experts that suit your necessities while keeping your budget in mind.

    Security & Confidentiality

    Images shared should be safely and securely stored away from interfering eyes. The service provider should not share such information with third-party sites; hence, the images must be between you and the service provider. The level of security and confidentiality must be high.

    Turnaround Time

    Turnaround time is significant, particularly for bulk orders and long-standing contracts. Try hiring image retouching experts that offer services within a viable turnaround time.


    The company that maintains deadline is significant. They should listen to you carefully. They must possess some Knowledgeable and experienced designers. Customer care is very substantial if you hire a jewelry retouching service provider.

    Make us Your Jewelry Post Production Partner

    At Cut Out Photoz, we are committed to providing premium, advertorial-ready editing that impresses your customers. These edits might take time; however, we always submit our deliverables precisely on schedule. Moreover, our personnel will update you on the development of the photo enrichment project.

    We want your customers to have difficulty selecting photos out of the selection since they all are of brilliant quality. Make your photographs sparkle like gems; have our team retouch them. Contact us today to learn more about us and our services.

    Whether it is jewelry that costs a fortune otherwise goes for a fair price, its quality could still be made to shine. Our endeavor, like yours, is to guarantee that sales are made, viewers are appreciative of the photograph used in magazines, & you, too, can be satisfied with a job well done. It all starts by contacting us for your jewelry retouching services.