We are the industry leader in providing newborn baby photo editing services for photographers & retailers. We have been providing a complete range of photo editing, retouching and photo manipulation services for a decade. Our team members are experts in their fields, and they all have the decent experience to provide the best outcome that our customers desire.

Our expert editorial team use the most updated photoshop & Lightroom. Thus, we can ensure the proper application of image enhancement tools. We mainly use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Logic Pro according to our needs. However, our experts do the rest of the magic with their creative minds.

Baby photo enhancement service ensures your clients can preserve their memories with their babies as they want. Our edited photos always look more alive than usual. So, we guarantee you that you are at the right place if you are looking for an online baby photo editing service.

In recent days, we have worked with lots of Photographers and photo studio managers on baby photo editing services. Because they are always busy with their schedule and often don’t get time to sit and edit all of the pictures they clicked. That’s where we come in handy.

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    Details of Our Baby Editing Service

    In our lab, we provide professional newborn retouching and editing services. Our services are highly customizable, which means we work according to the client’s needs and budget. By taking our service, you can invest your valuable time clicking beautiful photos as a photographer rather than sitting behind the monitors for hours.

    Our Newborn Photo Editing Service Includes –

    • Baby Image Cropping
    • Essential facial parts enhancement and editing
    • Image Masking
    • Colour correction in photos.
    • Background changing and removal
    • HDR Blending in Images
    • Objects removal
    • Baby Skin retouching and smoothening
    • Shadow and Highlight manipulation
    • Baby dry skin smoothening
    • Photo Manipulation
    • Blemish removal

    Types of Our Newborn Photo Retouching

    Our experienced photo editors will ensure that the newborn baby’s photos are flawless in every aspect. The images will shine more than usual as exposure and contrast are adjusted. Enhancing photo details and sharpness will add an extra bit of gloss. Hence, we will make the newborn baby look more adorable. This particular basic newborn photo editing consists of.
    ● Basic image colour correction and adjustment
    ● Baby skin toning
    ● Skin Smoothening
    ● Hair Retouch
    ● Basic objects removal
    ● Baby Skin correction

    Nose, Eyes, Cheeks Editing

    There can be some redness present on a newborn baby’s skin. And also, the shape and size of the nose, eyes and cheek areas can be adjusted according to the requirements. Our team is an expert in photo retouching so that they can bring out the best. Our team will delicately enhance those imperfections and give that little retouch to ensure the baby has a natural innocent look and glow.

    Skin Smoothening and Tone Fixing

    We all know that babies have delicate skin, and imperfections can be found on baby skin so easily. Those uneven skin tones and surfaces may make the baby photos a bit clumsy. Our editorial team can also fix this kind of issue with ease.

    ● Skin Retouching
    ● Baby Hair retouching
    ● Spots and blemishes removal
    ● Face liquifying

    Unwanted Object Removal

    Sometimes, many unwanted things may come into our photos which can be distracting. Removing unwanted items in a picture makes it look better immediately. We provide this object removal in baby photos service, making a baby photo look great overall.

    Background Editing

    Every photo that has been clicked doesn’t mean that it has a perfect background. There may be a time when removing just the background turns a photo look more aesthetic. Our team can remove and change the baby photo’s background according to your preference to create a more appealing composition.

    Colour Correction

    Sometimes, the lighting conditions may affect the newborn photo’s color accuracy. Our team can apply advanced colour correction techniques to ensure the image hues are balanced and vibrant. While editing, our team pay close attention to colour correction, which improves the image’s general look while keeping the natural colours of your baby’s skin and settings.

    ● Exposure Adjustment
    ● Saturation Adjustment
    ● Contrast Correction
    ● Image Sharpening
    ● Photo Highlighting
    ● Tint Adjustment

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    Why Choose Us for Your Newborn Retouching Service

    Expertise and skills

    Our professional editors are experts at editing photos of newborns. We’ve been doing this for years and have the knowledge and skills to improve your newborn pictures with precision and care. With our skills, we can take everyday photos and turn them into unique works of art.

    Customised Approach

    Our team works while keeping in mind that each client and their expectation of their newborn baby’s image is different. That is why our team work closely and takes a customised approach while editing newborn photos. Our team always try to understand your preferences and ensures the final result reflects your expected style and aesthetic.

    Quick Turnaround Time

    We believe time is important especially when you are trying to capture your newborn baby’s early days. That’s why we try our best to complete our work as soon as possible. We are committed to editing your images before the deadline so you can enjoy them and show them to your close ones.

    Transparent Communication

    We are always open and honest with our clients when we talk to them. We keep our clients informed and active in editing by asking for their feedback. We always make sure that your expectation is fulfilled. We value what our customers say and are committed to giving you results exceeding your expectations.

    High-Quality Output

    We always give high-quality results because we want to be the best. We use industry-standard software and advanced editing techniques to ensure your newborn pictures look beautiful. From fixing the colours to changing the background, we try to get every little thing right so that you get shots that show what your baby is like.

    Photo Manipulation & Stylization

    Our expert team can make it happen if you have a unique idea or want to add a creative touch to your newborn photographs. Our photo manipulation and stylisation techniques can turn newborn images look like beautiful creative artwork. We add artistic effects and combine all of them together in a way that seems mesmerising to the eyes.