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What is Shadow reflection

Naturally any object without shadow or reflection, its look so boring and remind us missing something. By making shadow an image looks more attractive and bright full. Normally an image looking so fake without shadow and reflection. Cast shadows can be rotated, slid, or stretched to create the illusion that the light source is coming from different directions. Every types of  e- commerce image, like bag, ball, chair ,table, pen, jewelry, etc should look very natural from its in front of. And it just did by some kinds of shadows. For example, alpha channel shadow, natural shadow, making shadow, drop shadow.

Types of shadow

Some technical we are using for making a shadow, for example, 1. Drop shadow, 2. Shadow making, 3. Channel masking shadow. Create a shadow effect is the regular shadow effect which we find against the light. For example, if we place a light focusing on an object, there will be a shadow seen on the other side. Likewise, when we need a shadow of an object on an image, the drop shadow effect is added to make the environment real. However, the shadow should be short, medium or long, it can be done beautifully through Create shadowing.

Shadow reflection procedure

While creating shadows on products for display, we perform a couple of photo editing techniques, viz. Remove background of the product (using Clipping path or Image masking), clean noises and distractions, enhance & retouch the photo, bring out the best color with color correction, and finally apply the best shadowing strategy to give the product a natural look and shape. There are many product photographies where the natural shadow of product is created by studio lighting, perspective, etc. And some customers want to retain the shadow or give the best shadow and 3D look to their image. So, while removing product background, we keep the natural shadow unchanged and/or make a soft shadow. The Product Photo Shadowing Service can be used for various media including websites, E-commerce sites, product catalogs, brochures, digital media ads, printing media & magazine ads, etc.

Types of reflection

Reflection does not mean only light could be reflected. Any object close to the surface will make a reflection on the surface with a different viewing angle. On a digital image, this kind of effect is called reflection shadow. For example, in an image, if a stone is kept on an ordinary table, there will be no reflection. But with Reflection Shadow effect, the stone can be reflected in the image. It will be seen as a reflection of a stone on a glass surface. By changing the viewing angle, reflection shadow can be short or long.

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